David M. Rounick


  • Turned an unprofitable $2 million per year outerwear division into a $17 million per year unit with one of the highest gross profit margins in the entire company.
  • Coordinated a deal with trucking companies to take 90% of the stores’ waste at their expense because it was all recyclable cardboard, which resulted in a company savings of $100K per year in waste costs.
  • Assisted in growing outerwear division/men’s division to annual sales of well over $25+ million.
  • Designed outerwear lines and directed production and flow-through to store shelves.
  • Facilitated and managed the distribution of all outerwear and menswear.


  • Apparel design
  • Apparel production
  • Retail Fashion
  • Merchandise distribution
  • Merchandise management
  • Store management
  • Merchandise buyer
  • Fashion trend forecaster
  • Store layouts
  • Store operations
  • Identifying cost savings
  • Worked with Customer Service programs and Customer Relationship Management initiatives
  • Employee and customer communications